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The Fresh Drama Program provides live and online drama training. The program is aimed at empowering individuals to discover, develop, design and deliver their dramatic skills.

One on One or Group Sessions

This project is aimed at allowing for the experimentation and application of dramatic expression. 

The forms of expression may be: plays, stories, acting, puppet shows, audio/visual presentations (music, recordings), movement, mime, masks, puppets and other verbal and non-verbal forms of communication. 

Three Level Program 

Scene 1: Is the introductory level that is aimed at discovering the drama skills of participants. $40.00 per session

Scene 2: Is aimed at developing skills for an end of session performance. $50.00 per session

Scene 3: The Troupe Group’s function is to discover, develop, design and deliver regular performances in a variety of locations. $60.00 per session

Daytime and evening sessions available  (group & one on one)

Registration is on going for daytime & evening sessions.

Graduates of the Fresh Drama Program become qualified to develop their own drama programs. Recent graduate Adrian Houghton is presently taking on students. 

Make enquiries at 403-561-8776

Live Fresh Drama Sessions take place in Valemount, BC at 1133-6 Avenue

Online line sessions are held through services like: Skype, Hangouts, FaceTime 

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The 5 areas that the Fresh Drama Program identifies and develops are:

Movement, Expressions, Creating, Sound and Art work.

 These are areas in which drama training can be expressed.

Movement stimulates kinesthetic creativity. Expressions stimulate emotional communication. Create represents a spacial or 3D aspect of creativity. Sound experimentation activates aural creativity. Art work identifies visual creativity. 

Each participant will have the opportunity to experiment with each of the areas. 

Through these experiments the individual's strengths can be identified and then applied in dramatic forms.  

Fresh Drama Summer Program News 

Movement, Expressions, Creating, Sounds & Art work.

For information on summer programs please contact Jeff at 403-561-8776 or

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