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Quotes Words cannot express the gratitude we have for what you are doing with our son. He has developed his communication skills after working with you. Quotes
Appreciate parent

Quotes I find it very interesting that by observation you are able to have a brief discussion with someone and find out so much about them. Who they are, how they carry themselves, if they are stressed or tense simply from observing the person's posture or the manner in which they speak! Thanks for teaching me all of this! Quotes
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Quotes Your teachings have helped me, in my opinion, and significantly improved my speaking ability. The direction you have given will definitely help me as I build presentations in the future. Quotes
Satisfied Client

Quotes I don't know what I would've done if you hadn't been willing to listen to me. I have unique communication challenges. You accepted me the way that I am and took me on from there. You helped me the most with social communication. Quotes
Satisfied student

Quotes I found Jeff excellent to work with. He is student-centred; he is a hard worker, and he's easy to get along with. Two thumbs up! Quotes

Quotes Jeff is a dynamic and charismatic speaker who is very adept at putting a group or audience at ease. His teaching/presentation style accommodates a variety of learning styles and his approachable nature encourages students/audience members who have more in depth questions to come up to him following presentations. We can never have enough seats in the room when Jeff comes to present. August 11, 2010 Quotes

Quotes Before I met Jeff, my public speaking was characterized by a quavering voice and long, awkward pauses as I fought to collect my thoughts. Some of my words were also unintelligible as I attempted to speak at the speed of light in order to just get it over with. This has all changed. Jeff gave me the tools I needed to improve my public speaking immeasurably. I now speak in front of groups with confidence, enthusiasm, and clarity. I've even been receiving compliments on the way I deliver my presentations, from both my employer, and our clients. Jeff's years of experience and devotion to his craft were hugely instrumental in helping me discover how great I really could be. August 16, 2010 Quotes