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If Only I Had Hair

Posted by Jeff Jewett on September 12, 2014 at 6:30 PM

If Only I Had Hair

According to Stylecraft, a skin care consultant firm, there's a new hair lose remedy. Honey, Yes that's right, they prescribed honey for those who are follicly challenged. There's a multitude of companies who suggest a variety of cures for those who have little or no hair. There are all manner of herbal, chemical, natural and unnatural options that may to solve hair issues. I know men and ladies who have been at various states of desperation to find answers the their hair dilemmas.

But honey, that sounds interesting. The mind boggles to understand how that might work. It is suggested that the afflicted person rub pure honey (none of that pasteurized stuff) directly on the scalp. Hmmmm, sounds like a rather sticky situation.

For me, my hair departure began in my mid 20's. A bit early I felt. At least it could have hung around to see my children grown and then people would understand that I had earned my "mature look" from raising a family and braving the difficulties of child rearing, but no it decided that I should have a shining visage in my youth. At first it was a major concern. I can remember thinking "If only I had hair life would be differentt." I had great consternation over the lose of something that I cherished, something that I had grown to love, my flowing locks. I seriously considered taking drastic and costly steps to alter my scalp.


A friend of mine and I, who was also follicaly challenged, often discussed options. One evening he came to visit me at my home. When he entered the door he wore a rather wry smile. A smile that belied the fact that he had some secret you wanted to share with me. Sure enough out of the bag he produced a can of spray hair. First we laughed until we cried because of the hilarity of the idea. After the laughter subsided he looked at me and said, "want to try it?" I placed a towel on my shoulders and he proceeded like a man possessed as he sprayed the brown substance on my scalp. As he sprayed he began to laugh with giddy enthusiasm. The laughter captured my imagination and I thought this could be really good or really bad. To be honest, I secretly hoped it would work. That this concoction would transform my wasteland to a flourishing crop of hair. Well, after he was finished I ran to the bathroom to observe in the mirror the miracle I hoped for. What resulted from the experiment was side aching laughter. In a dim light the hair I did possess looked a little thicker, but under normal lighting it was a comedy of errors. It looked as though my head was covered with a thin layer of brown mud. It was nothing that would pass public scrutiny. After the merriment that evening my friend and I discussed other serious options. He said that he had booked an appointment with a hair loss professional who specialized in the sale of toupees. He said that he had high hopes for this meeting and everything went well until the man introduced himself, his name was Harry. At that point my friend lost his composure and bought a close to the appointment. He looked at me with that wry smile again and suggested that we if we went together maybe they would give us a two for one deal. The suggestion produced more laughter. Eventually we decided that we would accept the inevitable and face the world together as men who were brilliant and bald. We decided to abandon frivolous and expensive hair remedies and accept our fate as those chosen to shine on. We consoled our selves with the thought that "The Lord is just and the Lord is fair, he gave some brains and the others hair."

There are things that you can change and things that you cannot. Our choice is to accept the things we cannot change, accept the things we can't and find the wis "dome" to know the difference. (It is fortunate for us that short hair and baldness are now in fashion.)


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