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Appreciative Comments Approach (ACA)

ACA is the research-based technique that is promoted by Freeman that can change the entire atmosphere of the public communication experience. At the heart of the Fresh Communications message is the belief that everyone loves to be appreciated. The technique was developed through academic research and hands on application.

I wanted to discover the best way to reduce anxiety in performers so I launched a study with a university public speaking class. There were 30 members and their public speaking anxiety levels where meassured at the beginning and the end of the semester. Over the 3 months, anxiety levels had been cut in half!

So, what was the secret? The comments that the class members used on each other. They had all agreed that they would find the best and to most appropriate comments to help reduce each other's anxiety levels. 

We discovered 3 levels of appreciative comments that blew the doors off of anxiety. The comments catagories were: Nonverbal comments, (positive gestures, signals and laughter), positive phrases, (you rock etc.) and the all time winner comments of specific appreciating, (what I really like about you is....)

After discovering those facts I developed the Appreciative Comments Approach that can be applied by any anyone to change the dynamics of human communication.

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